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Meet Kitty

Presentation & Media Coach, Content Expert

Kitty Behof, MBA, Former CNN Business Reporter

Kitty Behof is a business communications coach and content developer with extensive experience developing messaging and content strategy to build thought leadership and brands.  She has worked closely with C Suite executives for 20+ years, helping them convey their vision through communication that informs and persuades.

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5-Step Training Consultation Process


1. Key Messages Discovery

2. Content Review

3. Delivery Skills Analysis

4. Recorded Practice Sessions

5. Written Evaluation

Master Powerful Communication Skills in 3 Steps

Be Clear

Be Concise

Be Compelling

Works for Presentations, Board Meetings, Conferences, Investor Calls, Sales Pitches, Employee Meetings

Key Benefits of Learning Presentation Skills

  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Build Credibility
  • Increase Visibility
  • Improve Job Satisfaction
  • Get Referrals
  • Expand Career Opportunities
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Improve the Customer Experience


  • Sandra M. Jones, Senior Associate Director, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    Ms. Behof is an experienced and highly professional coach who does an excellent job helping academics and executives learn techniques needed to effectively communicate during media interviews. Following the training, she delivers extensive, individually tailored follow-up notes that are invaluable.

  • Megan Geldman, Marketing Strategist

    I have worked with Ms. Behof to improve the presentation skills for many of our company executives. Not only did she help develop their content by translating complicated financial and market data into digestible information that was actionable, she worked to get individuals to use their personality and passion to connect with the audience.

  • Melissa Hilton, Non-profit Executive

    I engaged Ms. Behof to train four managers in public speaking skills. The training improved their ability to tell our story to donors, prospective donors and community partners. Others in the organization took note and asked how they can receive the same training!

  • Nirbhik Vajor, PMP

    Ms. Behof helped me greatly improve my business communications skills. The training program was intense but fun, too. Following the training, my supervisors noticed a big improvement in my ability to successfully lead business meetings. I was very pleased that my hard work paid off.

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