About Kitty Behof

Kitty is a presentation skills and media skills coach who teaches executives and professionals how to become better communicators.  She develops messaging, content strategy and content to build thought leadership and brands.  She also designs and executes training sessions to improve presentation, media and business writing skills.

She taps her business journalism and corporate communications skills to teach how to sift through complicated information and data, break it down, simplify and organize it in a way that’s painless to digest. The goal is to get the audience (even an audience of one) to believe and take the action that’s desired

But knowing how to create great content is only half the story of best practices for public speaking. Kitty also helps executives develop a personal presentation style. Her content and delivery techniques work for learning effective executive speaking skills and media interview preparation.

MBA, Former Reporter for CNN & Business Week

Prior to working in corporate communications for companies, Kitty was an award-winning business correspondent for CNN’s Chicago bureau. She also served as a business correspondent with Fox News Chicago and Business Week magazine.  Kitty received an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. She received her BA in journalism from Marquette University.

Kitty also completed training as a Green Belt in Six Sigma, a methodology for improving product and service quality. She is a recipient of ProFinder’s (a LinkedIn company) Best in Public Speaking badge for 2016 and 2017.