Better Executive Presence in 3 Key Steps


Clients who are trying to improve how they communicate in business often also are in search of executive presence. They do go hand in hand. That’s because developing executive presence is a key benefit from improving how you present ideas. Whether you’re speaking before a large audience of prospective clients or a smaller internal audience such as a board of … Read More

Introverts Can Become Powerful Speakers, Too!

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On more than one occasion, I’ve had a new client whisper to me, “I’m an introvert. I’m not sure I can become confident speaking in front of a group.” I have only one response, “Hey, I’m an introvert, too. If I can do it, you can do it.” According to experts writing in Psychology Today, the two key personality types … Read More

How to Create Great Content – No Gobbledygook, Please

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As a former TV and print business journalist, creating great content comes easily to me.  Nothing prepares you for generating attention-getting storylines than decades of daily reporting and writing.  Content now comes in every shape and form – a tweet, a podcast, an infographic, a video interview, a white paper, an e-book or a sales pitch. How do you stand … Read More

Verbal Tics Deliver Wake-Up Call to Improve How You Speak

One of the first issues a client will notice when reviewing a recording of a mock presentation is the use of verbal tics, also known as fillers.  Fillers include “um,” “ah,” “you know,” “like” and “I mean.”  Even the words “so” and “well” are considered verbal tics if they are used regularly to begin a sentence when speaking. If you’re … Read More