Sandra M. Jones, Senior Associate Director for Media Relations and Communications,  University of Chicago Booth School of Business

I hired Ms. Behof to help us with media training for our professors and staff members. We are very happy with her work. Ms. Behof is an experienced and highly professional coach who does an excellent job helping academics and executives learn techniques needed to effectively communicate during interviews. She customizes each session, based on the individual’s background and experience level. She also does her homework and comes well prepared to work through key messaging and story lines based on the individual’s research. After the session, she delivers extensive, individually tailored follow-up notes that summarize the specific content and delivery tips worked on during the session. These notes are invaluable, and the individual can repeatedly refer to them when preparing for interviews in the future.

Steve Knipstein, Senior Vice President, Kemper Lesnik

Ms. Behof is a highly-professional trainer who goes beyond the normal preparation to customize each and every session. We worked with Ms. Behof to deliver a media training for a global consulting company, instructing partners from across industry disciplines and from different parts of the world. Ms. Behof quickly guided this diverse group in effectively communicating in a variety of settings, and has helped set a course for a very effective marketing communications program for the firm.

Michael Iannaccone, President MDI Investments, Inc.

You’re not trained in business or in school to lead with the punchline and then fill in the details.  In fact, you’re trained both in business and school to do exactly the opposite – to come out with a hypothesis, build your whole case and then come with a conclusion.  That’s not what the media is looking for.  So, learning how to work with the news media does take quite a bit of training.