Eric Brown, Managing Director, Performance Trust Capital Partners

I have decades of experience at this point with public speaking and presenting -- but I will still take every coaching session I can get with Ms. Behof. She has helped me improve the impact and influence of several industry speeches over the past few years, and this help is certainly not limited to stylistic matters. Recently she pointed out structural opportunities in a draft presentation and helped me move it from a "6" to a "10." I don't care how technical or "inside baseball" your material is -- Ms. Behof can "get it" and improve your outcomes.

Thom Back, Director, Enterprise Shape Management

Thank you, Ms. Behof! It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your thorough notes (both sets), the article you forwarded, and most of all your presence and positive attitude. You do a good job of pushing / encouraging without reducing confidence – in fact, you did a great job of increasing confidence through helping create a superior message and delivery (or the opportunity for better delivery – that’s up to me now!). Again, thanks. And I hope our paths cross again.

Patrick Rooney, PhD, Executive Associate Dean, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy  

I learned to: 1. Slow down! Enunciate!  Because if it’s worth saying at all, it’s worth saying clearly. 2. Use humor. 3. Don’t fatigue them with PPT poisoning (too many slides and insanely dense slides).

Neil Parikh, Co-Founder, Consignd

Ms. Behof helped us put out best foot forward during our big demo day with potential investors. She reworked our script to make sure it was clear and concise, yet compelling. Participants understood our story and were receptive to our pitch.

Jonathan Ende, Chief Executive, Bizodo

Ms. Behof helped me understand what’s required to get potential investors in start-ups to pay attention.

Jamie N. Jones, Former Director of Social Entrepreneurship, Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University

We enjoyed having Ms. Behof, Kellogg alum, return to campus to share with students who are studying social entrepreneurship key tips on how to pitch a new business plan to potential investors. Her lecture was spot on, showing students how to think about crafting and delivering a business story with impact. The students clearly benefited from Ms. Behof’s session; it was fun to see many of the teams integrate her suggestions into their final pitches. Ms. Behof is a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker, and I highly recommend her to business groups, organizations and companies seeking engaging speakers who can help members learn how to sell/pitch their ideas to any type of internal or external audience.

Alexis Panagides, president and co-founder, mxHero

When you’re building a start-up company, it’s important to make sure potential partners know you have what it takes to be successful.  Ms. Behof helped me communicate our storyline and past business successes with conviction.

Nigel Johnson, Director of Performance Trust University

I thought my presentation to our key clients was in great shape before I presented it to Ms. Behof, but once I received the comments, I quickly realized that it needed even more work. I used every one of their bullet point ideas/suggestions, and the input made the presentation significantly better. In particular, she showed me a more powerful way to begin and that change set up a plan to pepper the life lessons throughout the speech to give the audience a break from the dryer material that had to be covered. Client comments on my presentation included: "Nigel nailed it," Fantastic presenter," "Thank you for the continued inspiration," and "Nigel is always great. My favorite."

Joel J. Rodriguez, Co-founder & CEO, Aquaintable

Ms. Behof taught us how to be our own editor.  As a result, we told our story and highlighted our key differentiators without being repetitive.

Jesse Sandoval, Co-Founder, Angel Politics

Ms. Behof showed me how to insert more passion into my business pitch.