Presentation Skills Training

Good Communication Skills for Good Leadership Skills

Are you looking to become a successful leader in business? Start with learning how to create effective presentations. How do you create effective presentations?  Learn how to craft and deliver key messages and content with clarity, conviction, sincerity and passion.

Presentation Skills Coach Kitty Behof works with the C Suite and other business professionals to create compelling material and enhance delivery skills.  You’ll learn to create authentic content and delivery it for impact. With presentation skills training, you’ll increase effectiveness with every audience—board members, colleagues, customers, employees, investors, supervisors and the news media.

Presentation Skills Training for Presentations, Board Meetings, Conferences,
Investor Calls, Sales Pitches, Employee Meetings

Your Presentation Skills Training Checklist

  1. Overcome fear.  You’re not alone.  Seventy four percent of the population suffers from speech anxiety, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.  By the way, fear of public speaking is called glossophobia.

  2. Learn what to say.  Develop key messages and compelling content.

  3. Learn how to say it.  Speak with passion and conviction.

Committing to learning how to speak with confidence is no different than committing to training to get in physical shape to run a race. Learning how to speak in public is not impossible if you break it down into the fundamentals. Then, just like being ready to run a race, there’s no mystery to it at all.

Media Skills Training

Get Ready for Your Close-Up

Whether it’s the new media or old media calling, handling an interview with ease is a must-have skill for any business leader. The goals of this media training program are to:

  1. Give participants a better understanding of how news reporters work
  2. Increase the participants’ comfort level in working with the news media

Media Skills Coach Kitty Behof keeps trainees engaged throughout the session. Each individual is recorded during mock interviews. As a result of this media training program, members of the organization will be more likely to be interested in participating in media relations programs.

Prepare for TV, Radio, Podcast, Print or Digital Interviews

Your Media Skills Training Checklist

  1. Know what the reporter is looking for

  2. Ask for the deadline

  3. Create 3 key messages

  4. When answering questions, deliver the conclusion first

Content Strategy & Development

Give Your Message a Strong Voice

Context Expert Kitty Behof works with business leaders and executives to give their messages a strong point of view. Because each and every day, they must convince customers, employees, investors and other constituents that it’s in their best interest to believe in them.

Core messages represent the essential language that should be used in all marketing, presentation and media materials.  Core messaging ensures consistency and accuracy of key points that need to be conveyed.  Creating a storyline with real-life examples also is essential to creating content that informs and persuades.

Become Recognized as a Thought Leader for Blogs, eBooks, Speeches, Sales Sheets, PowerPoint Presentations, Web Sites, Webinars, Podcasts or Employee Newsletters.

Your Content Development Checklist

  1. Core Messages

  2. Supporting Data

  3. Examples

  4. A Call to Action